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School Refusal Hope is a site dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their child's school refusal.  We provide listings of different treatment programs around the country that can help children who avoid school. We also share the names of therapeutic and small boarding schools around the country where your child may thrive. We also provide support in the form of other families who have been down the same road as you.

From Lucy / 504

Thank you so much for this site.
DD10 received a 504 plan at the end of September which allows her to be aided into school about 10 min early by a staff member each morning. She's usually okay once she has transitioned into school each morning and does not receive any other accommodations. This morning we had a setback, as the usual person was absent, which she was expecting, but she had been told her classroom teacher would come out instead but that was not the case. Just wondering if any of you have experience with this type of accommodation. My daughter tends to be controlling,and I think there is resentment on the staff that she dictates who she does and does not enter the building with. But by the same token pushing her gets us nowhere. 



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