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School Refusal Hope is a site dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their child's school refusal.  We provide listings of different treatment programs around the country that can help children who avoid school. We also share the names of therapeutic and small boarding schools around the country where your child may thrive. We also provide support in the form of other families who have been down the same road as you.

Response from Jason / Maryland

Thank you! I've been considering all options. Tomorrow I have a meeting scheduled with the school, with our psychologist. Hopefully we will come to a meaningful remedy to my sons refusal of school.

The isolation and restraint was their answer to him not attending, to drag him into the building and let him sit isolated learning nothing and pick him up at the end of the day. This we only allowed a few times under threat from the school. 
We don't want to pull him from GT because he will be bored, that will create other issues. 

Diagnosis was depressive disorder. 

No learning disabilities, and a exceptional IQ score. 

We reside in Maryland, I'll be happy to update our status so that other parents can learn shortcuts negotiating with unwilling participants child and school system!



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