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School Refusal Hope is a site dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their child's school refusal.  We provide listings of different treatment programs around the country that can help children who avoid school. We also share the names of therapeutic and small boarding schools around the country where your child may thrive. We also provide support in the form of other families who have been down the same road as you.

Organization: New Start Transports

Contact: Clinton Hardy


Work Phone: (801) 805-4785

Cell: (435) 229-1558


State: UT

Zip Code: 84147

I have personal experience with Clinton Hardy and New Start Transports. Clint was a calming and reassuring ally during one of the worst times in our families life.  We had to get our son to a treatment program in Wisconsin (Rogers Memorial Hospital) and we were scared d that we wouldn't get him there by ourselves.  Our son was deep in school refusal mode.  He barely left his bed or his room at this point and we were deep in crisis. We had to get him the help he desperately needed in Wisconsin and Clint and his team were the ones who were going to make this happen.  I found Clint from a google search and when you hire someone without a personal referral it can be scary. But after I spoke with Clint,  read his story, the testimonials and every word on his site, I knew I was going to hire him.  I felt so much relief knowing that our son was going to get help.  On the scheduled day of transport Clint and his partner arrived at our house at 3:30 am and my son went with them with no problem. They later arrived in Wisconsin at the treatment program.  We flew there also on a different flight and met them there.  I am forever grateful to Clinton for playing a part in my son's road to recovery.


Organization: Safe Passage Adolescent Services

Contact Name: Holly Hunter


Work Phone: (770) 667-7467 (w)

Fax: (770) 667-6999


Address 1: 13309 Freemanville Road

City: Alpharetta

State: GA

Zip: 30004-3706

SafePassage Adolescent Services, a division of Hunter Investigations, LLC, has transported troubled teens to therapeutic schools and programs located throughout the country. International transport is also available.

  • Worry free planned transport of at-risk adolescents
  • Professional agents that exhibit dignity and respect for all adolescents in our care
  • Client confidentiality
  • We will arrange the travel logistics for your child and we coordinate transport with program admissions departments
  • Written estimates for our services are always provided
  • We find missing and runaway teenagers

With more than twenty years of transport experience, our agents provide the highest level of professional service


Organization: West Shield Adolescent Services

Contact Name: Allen Cardoza


Work Phone: (800) 899-8585 (w)

Fax: (866) 874-9588


Address 1: 16033 Bolsa Chica Road,  #104-350

City: Huntington Beach

State: CA

Zip: 92649-2452

West Shield Adolescent Services, Inc. is a private corporation founded by Allen Cardoza. Mr. Cardoza is a licensed private investigator (PI 7824) and an instructor of Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Certified by the National Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc. He also serves as president of the company. West Shield's Intake team bring years of personal and professional experience to the position. As intake coordinators or when transporting adolescents, all feel as if they are doing their part in helping families. West Shield Adolescent Services has been successfully transporting adolescents to facilities and programs for over 25 years. We have also successfully located and returned hundreds of runaway children to homes, hospitals and schools.

West Shield transports adolescents to programs and facilities through the United States and across the world. We also are experienced and licensed to locate runaways and provide crisis intervention. All of our services are based on non-violent crisis intervention techniques, which emphasize communication to resolve conflict. Compassion and patience are used in our work with adolescents, although it may be necessary to temporarily restrain adolescents who are at risk of hurting themselves or others. West Shield we have transported more than 13,000 adolescents in over 25 years in the industry. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist families in need.



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